New Year’s Day Lucky Peas & Greens

Happy New Year All!!

2013 has made its debut!!  Most people were out and about today taking advantage of those awesome “One Day” sales.  But for my family our New Year’s Day featured a traditional southern dish of “black-eyed peas” and “collard greens.”  Since being a kid, I have always heard adults discuss the need to have those black-eyed peas and collard greens ready to eat on New Year’s Day. The consumption of this traditional food in the south is said to bring fortune and prosperity in the New Year. And now years later as an adult and mom to a four year old, I had the opportunity to see my daughter take part in a southern tradition.  Well for her, the “black-eyed peas” did not win her over but the collard greens were definitely a hit!  For me, the entire spread was a winner!! My mom completed the meal with wild rice, cornbread muffins, deviled eggs and turkey loaf. We all just enjoyed a great dining in experience with good food and hours of TV show marathons. So whether or not you had your black-eyed peas and collard greens today, I wish you all a prosperous 2013 and a year of happy, healthy and delicious food.

Lucky Peas and Greens!!
Lucky Peas and Greens!!

Best wishes!!

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