WTF (Women Talk Food)

The Memorial Day weekend has started off right. An unplanned outing among co-workers and new friends is an ideal social event for me after a busy work week. Myself and three co-workers headed to the west midtown area of Atlanta to have good conversation, drinks and of course food. This impromptu outing lead us to 5 Season Brewery Westside.


The evening started with drinks and appetizers. We took samples from each other plates as we tried so hard not to discuss work. My drink was the “Not-a-Rita” with the salted rim.


This drink was amazing! The salty rim mixed with the well balance of alcohol brought Fridays hustle and bustle to a nice steady pace. The girls and I laughed as I tried to savor this perfect spring beverage but it was to good to let the melting ice alter the flavor. After finishing my one drink, I was excited to see my small plate item arrive. It was the Gulf Shrimp & Cheddar Grit Cakes

Even though I am a southern lady, the idea of shrimp and grits is still new to me. This small plate menu item was seasoned with organic chorizo sausage, tomatoes, sweet onions and fresh herbs. The small plate portion was perfect as well as the price since this unplanned outing was set to a responsible budget.

This evening was awesome with both the food and social atmosphere. 5 Seasons Brewery Westside is a great location for gatherings from small to large. The seating area is spacious, the staff is great and the food is affordable and tasty. I believe my co-workers really enjoy themselves and I look forward to our next WTF outing.


Down by 9

Good day all! Well it has definitely been a while since my last post. There have been several occasions of dining out and dining over that were truly worthy of posting however my need to lose weight has only had me in the spectator seat.

This new lifestyle change begin on January 17th, when I joined a local gym and enlisted the assistance of a personal trainer. Therefore, I spent four weeks eating only the items listed on the body cleanse schedule my trainer provided for me. I will say this was torture! Not the food itself but the torture of not being able to dine out. But I did however enjoy the social interaction of watching new co-workers and friends enjoy foods that I recommended and even those new to me. And after these 4 weeks I am down by 9 pounds!!!

My first social outing during this four-week period was to JCT Kitchen in Atlanta’s West Midtown area. On a cold Atlanta night, my new co-workers and I gathered in the outdoor seating area that was perfectly aligned with torch heaters. Although this night was a test of my will and determination, they apologetically asked “We know you can’t have anything, but what do you recommend?” I honestly believe I was even more excited to share my past experiences of appetizers and entrees at JCT and to watch their eyes light up with each bite. My favorite item to recommend was the Truffle-Parmesan Fries!


And because I’ve only dined at JCT during lunch hours, this night out gave me an opportunity to see dinner items I look

forward to exploring. This includes the “Wood Roasted Burger”


and the “Angry Mussels”


I will say that even though I can’t provide you with a savory description of the items that were ordered, I will say that the smiles and muffled “mmmmm’s” was enough to say that these items were a hit.

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New Year’s Day Lucky Peas & Greens

Happy New Year All!!

2013 has made its debut!!  Most people were out and about today taking advantage of those awesome “One Day” sales.  But for my family our New Year’s Day featured a traditional southern dish of “black-eyed peas” and “collard greens.”  Since being a kid, I have always heard adults discuss the need to have those black-eyed peas and collard greens ready to eat on New Year’s Day. The consumption of this traditional food in the south is said to bring fortune and prosperity in the New Year. And now years later as an adult and mom to a four year old, I had the opportunity to see my daughter take part in a southern tradition.  Well for her, the “black-eyed peas” did not win her over but the collard greens were definitely a hit!  For me, the entire spread was a winner!! My mom completed the meal with wild rice, cornbread muffins, deviled eggs and turkey loaf. We all just enjoyed a great dining in experience with good food and hours of TV show marathons. So whether or not you had your black-eyed peas and collard greens today, I wish you all a prosperous 2013 and a year of happy, healthy and delicious food.

Lucky Peas and Greens!!
Lucky Peas and Greens!!

Best wishes!!

Crabmas Eve

On Christmas Eve this year, my daughter and I were invited to celebrate in the comfort of friends and food.  The menu consisted of Snow Crablegs, chicken, corn on the cob and salad.  The adults gathered in the kitchen as the children played dressed up and other games.  I truly enjoy visiting with F & K because they really now how to entertain!!  As the songs of Christmas music filled the kitchen, F offered me a serving of homemade chili that served as my 1st course.  She decorated it with sour cream,shredded cheese and oyster crackers which blended so nicely with the spices in the chili.  I was a little too hungry to photograph this appetizer but my mouth is still singing of its goodness.

Next K prepared the Oven Fried Chicken which was a recipe featured on an episode of  Restaurant Impossible.  I mean everyone loves Robert Irvine, right? This dish was an encore presentation from a previous gathering we had with F & K.  I must say people this chicken didn’t stand a chance against hungry adults and children.

Oven Fried Chicken
Oven Fried Chicken

And the moment that truly got me excited.  CRABLEGS!!  Normally when I dine over with friends the crablegs are usually steamed in water and Old Bay seasoning  which are always a major success.  However, with F & K  (the food explorers) I knew it was a moment to explore other crableg recipes.  I searched the internet prior to arriving at the home of F & K and was excited to share with them a recipe I found on the  She’s Got Flavor  blog known as “Lick Your Fingers Beer, Butter and Garlic Crablegs.”  I was eager to try these crablegs that were only steamed with beer.  The only ingredient missing was the fresh cilantro. But OMG..we definitely found a winner with this recipe.

Lick Your Fingers Beer, Butter & Garlic Crablegs
Lick Your Fingers Beer, Butter & Garlic Crablegs

At the end of our feast we were ready to close out a wonderful evening by watching the children open their stocking stuffers.  The adults sat around and discussed how awesome everything turned out.  Christmas Eve brought together good food, friends and memories that served as a perfect entry into celebrating Christmas Day.

Ingredients for the Holiday


The holiday season is upon us and I’m excited to spend time with my family and friends. People will all gather around as the young family members open Christmas gifts. But for most of us adults, we will enjoy each others company around a table filled with a fabulous holiday feast. As a southern girl, I can expect to smell collard greens from the kitchen and mac and cheese with more cheese than Wisconsin. We will all eat until we can’t eat anymore but oh wait what about dessert!! I’m anxious to taste my aunts’ pound cake and lemon pie. Ultimately, at the end of it all people will be happy to see each other, laugh at bad jokes and happily carry home a plate of left over goodness.

I begin this blog today due to the encouragement of friends and colleagues. My mission is simply to share my love of food which I consider to be “the social ingredient” for almost any gathering. I will explore in blog form the foods I love whether dining out, dining in or dining over. I may even explore cooking more and sharing my end results of particular recipes. As a new blogger I will take any comments readers have to offer and hope that people will enjoy and share in my experiences.

Happy Holidays to All!!!