Ingredients for the Holiday


The holiday season is upon us and I’m excited to spend time with my family and friends. People will all gather around as the young family members open Christmas gifts. But for most of us adults, we will enjoy each others company around a table filled with a fabulous holiday feast. As a southern girl, I can expect to smell collard greens from the kitchen and mac and cheese with more cheese than Wisconsin. We will all eat until we can’t eat anymore but oh wait what about dessert!! I’m anxious to taste my aunts’ pound cake and lemon pie. Ultimately, at the end of it all people will be happy to see each other, laugh at bad jokes and happily carry home a plate of left over goodness.

I begin this blog today due to the encouragement of friends and colleagues. My mission is simply to share my love of food which I consider to be “the social ingredient” for almost any gathering. I will explore in blog form the foods I love whether dining out, dining in or dining over. I may even explore cooking more and sharing my end results of particular recipes. As a new blogger I will take any comments readers have to offer and hope that people will enjoy and share in my experiences.

Happy Holidays to All!!!

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