Crabmas Eve

On Christmas Eve this year, my daughter and I were invited to celebrate in the comfort of friends and food.  The menu consisted of Snow Crablegs, chicken, corn on the cob and salad.  The adults gathered in the kitchen as the children played dressed up and other games.  I truly enjoy visiting with F & K because they really now how to entertain!!  As the songs of Christmas music filled the kitchen, F offered me a serving of homemade chili that served as my 1st course.  She decorated it with sour cream,shredded cheese and oyster crackers which blended so nicely with the spices in the chili.  I was a little too hungry to photograph this appetizer but my mouth is still singing of its goodness.

Next K prepared the Oven Fried Chicken which was a recipe featured on an episode of  Restaurant Impossible.  I mean everyone loves Robert Irvine, right? This dish was an encore presentation from a previous gathering we had with F & K.  I must say people this chicken didn’t stand a chance against hungry adults and children.

Oven Fried Chicken
Oven Fried Chicken

And the moment that truly got me excited.  CRABLEGS!!  Normally when I dine over with friends the crablegs are usually steamed in water and Old Bay seasoning  which are always a major success.  However, with F & K  (the food explorers) I knew it was a moment to explore other crableg recipes.  I searched the internet prior to arriving at the home of F & K and was excited to share with them a recipe I found on the  She’s Got Flavor  blog known as “Lick Your Fingers Beer, Butter and Garlic Crablegs.”  I was eager to try these crablegs that were only steamed with beer.  The only ingredient missing was the fresh cilantro. But OMG..we definitely found a winner with this recipe.

Lick Your Fingers Beer, Butter & Garlic Crablegs
Lick Your Fingers Beer, Butter & Garlic Crablegs

At the end of our feast we were ready to close out a wonderful evening by watching the children open their stocking stuffers.  The adults sat around and discussed how awesome everything turned out.  Christmas Eve brought together good food, friends and memories that served as a perfect entry into celebrating Christmas Day.


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